Small Town Charm

Our Café is more than just a place to eat.

Unofficial 'Town Hall'

Edenton Coffee House is called the unofficial 'town hall' by many of Edenton's locals. Several groups of "regulars" start each morning with a coffee, pastry and the company of friends.  They read the paper and catch up on local news and events.  We provide a comfortable place for downtown employees and shoppers to enjoy a quick lunch or snack break.  In the afternoon you'll often find students working on computers while enjoying an afternoon treat or moms taking a break before picking up the kids afterschool.  Come by just before closing and meet the regulars who end each work day with a coffee drink with friends.

Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast begins Weekdays at 7:00 and Saturdays at 8:00.

Lunch is served from 11:00 AM until 2:30 PM daily.

Saturday Knit Wits

Saturdays at 2:00 a group of knitters calling themselves the Knit Wits invite anyone who knits or crochets to join them for two hours of needlecraft and conversation. 

A Place to Work

Free WiFi is available for our customers so bring your computer, iPad, or tablet get a drink and a snack and do your work in our cozy cafe.